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Sheats CNY Technologies and Duncan Oil Company Partner to Create Unique Rewards Program

Sheats CNY Technologies, a New York based business providing technology, services and loyalty software from Boulder Logic Design have partnered with Duncan Oil Company, An Ohio based fuel distribution company and retail convenience store operator, to create a unique fuel reward and club promotion program for their RoadDog Convenience Stores. The program includes a customer-facing website and mobile app that allows users to track their points and club purchases in real time.

This was a huge challenge for us, but we took on the task. The challenge wasn't the fuel reward or club promotions, it was making this program unique, and doing things outside of the norm. Among the new things we provided RoadDog was a customer facing website that lets their customers see and track in real time the points they earn. After the website was built and tested over several days with their staff, we turned it into a mobile app using third party technology, then we published on the Google Play Store and Apple App Stores.

RoadDog calls their points Dog Bones, which is a great because who doesn't love a bone now and then, especially a Road Dog. Dog Bones are earned on most everything, 20 for every dollar spent inside the store on everyday items, like food, snacks and drinks, and 10 for every gallon of gas. They add up quickly and can be redeemed at the pump for a fuel discount. 2000 Dog Bones will get you .25 cents off a gallon of gas, up to 20 gallons. That is a huge savings, and easy to get with just a handful of items inside the store.

Along with the Dog Bones, we provided the web/app users the ability to track their club purchases. Club purchases are specific items, usually grouped together. When a customer buys one or more of these items in a transaction, we keep a tally and award the customer a free item from the same group. At RoadDog, these clubs include beverages, pizza and jerky. They also have a special club for breakfast items that rewards bonus Dog Bones when 8 breakfast items are purchased.

We built the website first, then linked specific pages to the loyalty database. Using stored procedure calls to display the data we need, such as the Dog Bone totals and club promotion totals. The Dog Bones need to be activated in the app to be redeemed, this is done for two reasons, one, it lets the customer save their Dog Bones and use them at their discretion, second, it provides a layer of security and ensures that only the earner gets to redeem them.

The app is a great tool for the customer to keep track of their earning and redemption potential, but it is not the only thing they can use. Each receipt the Verifone POS prints for the customer includes their Dog Bones total, and how many they earned in that transaction. Club purchases are also displayed on the receipt letting them know how many they need to purchase to get a free item.

Duncan Oil has nine RoadDog locations throughout Ohio. Using their Verifone POS loyalty interface in each store to connect to our loyalty host, we get real time transaction data. It is so quick that earned Dog Bones and earned club discounts can be redeemed immediately!

We are excited we took on this challenge for our partner Duncan Oil Company and would love to take on your loyalty program. If you're interested in seeing what Sheats CNY Technologies can do for your convenience store or grocery store, please reach out to us at (800) 590-9682. We look forward to hearing from you.

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