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PC Repair & Upgrades

Have a computer that needs a new hard drive, a memory upgrade, Virus and Trojan Removal, or some routine cleaning? @CNYTech has the expertise.


POS Support

@CNYTech has years of experience with POS (Point of Sale) technology to include scanners and receipt printers, retail touch displays and payment terminals. Contact us if you need your POS system upgraded or repaired.


Tech Support

Need help with your software or hardware. @CNYTech will help you figure out most issues you're facing today with your technology. We do the leg work and find solutions that works for you.



@CNYTech will do a one-on-one or group learning session with you for technology related tasks such as setting up a router, connecting a device to the internet, learning how to use a web browser, password protection and security. Let my experience be your guide to greater knowledge.


Data Recovery

Contact @CNYTech for recovery options. We have the expertise to move data from malfunctioned systems and drives, including flash drives, SSD's and hard drives.


Web Development & Design

@CNYTech will work with you to meet the specific needs of your business. From custom html code to images and marketing your website, contact us to learn more.


BLD or SmartEcho Software Users

If you are a BLD Loyalty or SmartEcho Fuel Control End User,
or interested in our Fuel Loyalty Software Solutions,
Please Click Here for Information and Support.

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