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Fueling your Customers Loyalty

Sheats CNY Technologies provides innovative solutions for convenience store operators and grocery retailers. We offer a range of services, including promotion program setup, club discounting, and merchant processing, to help our clients increase customer loyalty, retention, and revenue. Our mission is to create a seamless and rewarding experience for both the retailer and their customers using cutting-edge technology and data analytics. Whether you are a small independent gas station, the local grocery store or a large national chain, we have the right solution for you.​

Loyalty Rewards & Club Discounting

Offering cents off per gallon fuel rewards can be a great way to attract and retain customers and at the same time increase your sales volume and brand awareness. It is a win-win situation for both you and your customers. Our system can track items purchased, groups of items and total purchase amounts and reward points based on purchase. We can even exclude entire departments and specific PLU's so you're not awarding a customer for restricted items such as Lottery, Tobacco and Alcohol.

Club discounting gives you the ability to offer incentives on your biggest selling merchandise. Our system keeps track of all purchases for you and your customers and automatically discounts the club item when the club requirement has been met. We keep track of the club purchases for you and your customers with plugins for your store app or website that let the customer see their progress in real time.

Our loyalty solution is certified with Verifone and uses PCATS standards to ensure reliable and secure communication with your point-of-sale system. Let us design your program around you, your store and your customers, and fuel your customer loyalty.

Merchant Solutions

Our merchant solutions allow you to offer flexible methods of payment at the point of sale, including major credit cards and debit cards with competitive processing rates. We also can provide your fuel business with a zero per transaction cost private label fleet and gift card system that integrates seamlessly with your Verifone point-of-sale, with in-house invoicing and data export capabilities to your accounting application.

Pump Control and Point-Of-Sale

Our pump control solution is an affordable and comprehensive Point-Of-Sale system designed for the small independent fuel station. Powered  by the Allied Electronics NeXGen forecourt controller. We support leading dispenser manufacturers including Gilbarco and Wayne. Our system also integrates seamlessly with car wash code systems, digital price signs and tank inventory monitoring equipment.

Service and Support

We take pride in providing our clients with several channels to reach us. Your inquiry is important to us, and your business success is our top priority. If your business is impacted by an outage or technical issue, please use the Support Desk Phone number. We are on call 24/7 for anything impacting your business.

Support Desk Phone

Support Desk Web 

Support Desk Email

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