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1 / Diagnostic / Bench Fee

Our standard diagnostic fee is $50. This includes diagnosing and assessment. We identify the problem, and the bench fee is applied as credit if repairs are authorized.

2 / Virus & Spyware Removal

$150 to $300, depending on severity of infection. If the infection cannot be removed our standard bench fee applies.

3 / Data Recovery / Backup & Transfer

$100 to $250, depending on amount of data and media to be recovered.

4 / Operating System Installation

$100 to perform a fresh Microsoft Windows setup and configuration.

5 / Hardware Replacement

$100 per hour for troubleshooting and replacing failed components like hard drives, video adapters, main boards, RAM, etc.

6 / In-Home or At Business Support

$50 trip charge will apply for assessment without any repair work agreed upon, then $75 per hour for in-home or at your business visit, with a 1-hour minimum charge. Mileage will be charged at .75 cents per mile if you are 10 miles outside of Mexico, NY. Urgent visit surcharge may apply for requests on short notice.


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